This page represents  my 'STOCK' designs for WHITE TEES. They are 'Printed to Order' and usually delivered within a week of ordering within Australia ...a little while longer for delivery to overseas destinations.

Please click on the thumbnail images to view a larger image of the design. Please take note of the 'TEE' number underneath the bike design if you wish to order that particular design  

TEE 001 BONNY 50TH 1959
The first Triumph machine to be named after the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Northwestern Utah USA where speed trials have been held since 1914
TEE 002 BONNY 50TH 1963
This model Bonneville came with the new unit construction engine. Where the engine and gear box are housed as a complete unit. Unlike the separate gear box and engines of the earlier models.
TEE 003 BONNY 50TH 1969
1969 was the penultimate model before the infamous 'Oil in the frame' models were introduced to the range.
TEE 004 TR6 1956
TEE 005 TROPHY 1962
TEE 006 TR6R 1966
TEE 007 TROPHY 1967
TEE 008 TIGER CUB 1965
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TEE 008 TIGER CUB 1965