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Our WhiteTees

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Our range of WHITE tees are for really highlighting our 'Sketch' designs which are much harder to print onto darker coloured shirts as the sketch has to be inverted then modified to take into consideration the darker background which effects shading and detail.

Being a motorcyclist myself I realise that WHITE shirts  are not the best item of clothing to wear if you like to do your own maintenance .Oil and grime can appear on a white tee like a moth to a flame.In quite a few cases I have customers who want to the display their special bike on a wall in their home and specifically ask for a white shirt that they can put into a picture frame for display purposes.  


If of course white tees are not your thing then our NEW PREMIUM BLACK TEES could be just what you are looking for CLICK HERE to find out more.     


New Age 100 % polyester tees use a printing method called 'sublimation'.This allows special inks to go from a solid form to a gas when under heat and pressure then back to a solid.This type of printing onto tee shirts 'NEVER FADES' the image that is transferred becomes part of the tee shirt material and does not sit on top of the material as in screen printing.In fact the tee shirt will wear out long before the image depicted on the shirt has the slightest chance of fading.


Other benefits of using the new style of polyester tees are that they mimic cotton in their soft feel,they wick away perspiration yet let air through to keep you cool and they have good UV protection qualities.


In stocking 100 % Cotton Shirts manufactured by Anvil and Gildan,products which are praised all around the world for their quality we ensure we have a great basis to bring you a gre product. 


Our use of New Age Gildan 100 % Polyester Performance Tees gives our customers the latest technology lightweight wicking materials that have the feel of cotton yet have the benefit of our design images never fading no matter how many times the Tee shirts are washed. 




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