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Welcome to our Premium Product .... TON UP BLACK TEES..... these tee shirts are a statement of individual taste and quality.The designs are exclusively printed in GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE or can be a mixture of the all three colours . Artworks for these designs are considerably challenging and time consuming sometimes taking many hours of work and rework .They are not just a case of 'INVERTING' a black on white sketch as important factors such as shading and depth perception disappear  when working with a black background. 


All images of motorcycles used in designs at TON UP TEES have been personally photographed by me and are COPYRIGHTED .

The printing method is via a special coating giving the appearance of Gold leaf , Stunning Silver or Bronze Gilding. These can be printed on nearly any type of man made or natural fabric....We have chosen 100% soft cotton in BLACK to make our 'Sketch' designs really STAND OUT in a crowd.

The tee shirts are ANVIL BLACK a top quality worldwide brand . 

Iconic makes of motorcycles have been chosen to launch this product and include famous names and models such as THE VINCENT  RAPIDE , BSA GOLD STAR , MANX NORTON  modern 'Classics' such as HONDA CB750 , KAWASAKI Z1 and H1 500 TRIPLE and favorites like  THE TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE  and   NORTON COMMANDO. We also showcase some of the lesser known beautifully engineered machines such as the EXCELSIOR MANXMAN and ARIEL RED HUNTER bikes more akin to a mechanical work of art than JUST a Vintage or Classic motorcycle.


I will be adding more designs to our BLACK TEE COLLECTION eventually I hope to match the 40 plus designs that  are available in the WHITE TEE COLLECTION but as explained previously they are much more time consuming and sometimes a black and white sketch does not turn into a good design for a black shirt .....due to reasons of shading , depth perception or even the amount of reflection from the original photo of the motorcycle.


If you wish to have a particular model of motorcycle on a tee shirt that is not listed in our 'STOCK DESIGNS' whether they be for a black or white tee shirt please click on the 1 OFF button above to find out about us putting YOUR ACTUAL BIKE / CAR on to a tee .   


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