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Hi my name is Steve Runnalls I am a Classic Motorcycle enthusiasts who also is very interested in old / vintage cars and classic aircraft. My love of these classic pieces of engineering have lead me to taking many photos of the above subjects over the last 40 years.


It is from my collection of black and white /colour and digital images that has turned my photography hobby into a business. I am assisted by my wife Gai who specializes in pet photography and spends many hours helping with the design of our Tee shirts.

TONUPTEES.COM previously RARITEE.COM has been custom designing Motorcycle, Car and Aircraft Tee Shirts for 4 years .We specialize in designing and manufacturing 'ONE OFF' shirts to our customers design requirements .


Over the years we have perfected a 'SKETCH' design for our images that bring out the detail of the subject matter whether they be Motorcycles / Cars / Aircraft / Buildings..... we have even turned images of  Cats and Dogs and other family pets into stunning Sketches that make subject 'STAND OUT' from just an ordinary photograph. 


We do not do only 'SKETCH' designs we can do basically anything YOU our customers ask for. Using our design knowledge and tools such as Adobe Photo Shop we can turn any colour, black and white, printed or digital images into something very different from the original photograph.....your imagination is all that is needed for us to design a tee shirt you will be proud to wear.  


The best way to explain what we do is show you a series of photographs of my 1972 Norton Commando Motorcyle that have been changed through various computer design programmes to illustrate what is possible. 

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